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Kloster Hornbach
Kloster Hornbach

Kloster Hornbach

Do you appreciate individual style in an timeless setting with traditional values? A unique hotel in Germany's Palatinate region.

Kloster Hornbach Hotel

Your Hosts

A Very Warm Welcome!

Being a host at Lösch für Freunde is something very special. You have to be born for this role: know-how and first-class training needs to be combined with a happy nature and professionalism - hand in hand with genuine attentiveness and service that should be both courteous and relaxed. Plus: eloquence, the ability to listen and recognise a guest's need for closeness or distance ... rather a lot to expect ...

Which is why we are particularly happy to have found the ideal "team" from our staff at our other hotel, Hotel Kloster Hornbach : Carmen Lang, supported by equally nice colleagues. We - the Lösch Family - also stop by regularly of course.

A Perfect Team

Part of Lösch für Freunde was our family home for many years. When offered the chance to buy the neighbouring old doctor's house, we didn't hesitate for very long; and then combined both listed buildings and the old barn with a modern wing. Right next to the ancient Hornbach Monastery, you can feel the exceptionally powerful and magical forces in Lösch as well.

We look forward to welcoming you to our unique country house!
Edelbert and Christiane Lösch, together with their children and your hosts

Carmen Lang - Host

There are people who enjoy the routine of normal daily life. Carmen Lang is not one of them. She has been aware of her role as a host since the cradle, so to speak. A happy memory: Pulling pints of beer in Grandma's pub at the age of three, standing on a little stool. Much to the delight of the guests, who even then were also more like friends. Training as a hotelier turned a passion into a career, but this passion has remained. She has been the soul of "Lösch für Freunde" for over 3 years: a little motherly, part the older sister, a positive spirit with a sense for what's practical. She says you can't describe it, you have to experience it. She adores her three children. But breakfast for four guests or thirty: that's her second family. Something new everyday.

Your direct line to Carmen: +49 (0) 6338-91010-200 or send her an

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