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Kloster Hornbach
Kloster Hornbach

Kloster Hornbach

Do you appreciate individual style in an timeless setting with traditional values? A unique hotel in Germany's Palatinate region.

Kloster Hornbach Hotel

Dining Room

At Lösch für Freunde we aim to offer our guests the things we enjoy at home but miss when away: rooms as individual as the people who stay here. Spacious communal areas as well as smaller cosy nooks. And, more or less in the middle, an open-plan kitchen and an equally attractive spacious dining room.

Just like in the old days, there is one long table where meals are served and relaxed conversation can take place. Based loosely on Luc de Clapiers Vauvenargues' motto: "A fine 'table' is the first obligation in good society"

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Open-plan kitchen,

long tables