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Kloster Hornbach
Kloster Hornbach

Kloster Hornbach

Do you appreciate individual style in an timeless setting with traditional values? A unique hotel in Germany's Palatinate region.

Kloster Hornbach Hotel

Enjoy Our Skydeck Spa

Discover a special kind of tranquillity in the Skydeck Spa at our designer hotel. Take in the picturesque landscape of Germany's south-west Palatinate as far as the eye can see. Glancing over the rooftops of Hornbach to the gently undulating fields that appear to merge with the horizon. High-spirited swallows demonstrate their flying skills against a blue sky, the occasional sound of the organ wafting across from the Romanesque Church of St Fabian. Wellbeing takes on a new meaning at our hotel …

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Indulge Yourself at "Wolke 7"

For even deeper relaxation treat yourself to a therapeutic massage with rose oil or Ayurvedic massage at "Wolke 7". We offer special spa treatments for face and hands - and will prepare wonderful spa baths for you in your own living environment (in rooms with baths, except whirlpools). Why not choose your spa treatment(s) now and let us know at the time you book your room (At the Hotel it's generally necessary to request at least 24 hours in advance - we thank you for your understanding).

Enjoy a range of different spa treatments

Pampering for

body and soul ...

And here are a few everyday wellness tips

When you're at home and have the feeling you desperately need some time out:
Just give us call - we look forward to your next visit.


Arguably the cheapest beauty treatment in the world - fresh water invigorates both internally and externally. Drink at least 2-3 litres a day.

Anything that keeps you on your feet will get your body into shape!

Make sure you take enough exercise and leave your car at home at least one a week.

Caring for your body

"Spend at least 30 minutes taking good care of your body"

Scrub treatments

Body scrubs are perfect for improving the circulation and making the skin silky again (particularly in winter)!

Full of natural beauty

Fresh fruit and vegetables provide the right energy boost for the entire body!

Ball games for the feet

Regular short exercises not only keep the toes supple, but also stimulate the soles of the feet - wonderfully relaxing!

Need a rest?

Just leave your mobile phone switched off!