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Come in a group of FIVE and discover the meaning of "savoir vivre"

Minumum stay 2 nights
March to October
from € 418 per person

Escape the everyday with your best friend for weekend? With a welcome drink, a delicious dinner, shopping together, foot massage, popcorn, your favorite movie and many more.

Minumum stay 2 nights
Whenever you like
from € 378 per person (2 nights from Sunday to Thursday)

Our ideas for a cosy warm Christmas this year at 'Lösch für Freunde'.

3 or 4 nights including "Gaumenfreuden" half board
from 23th or 24th December 2018
from € 649 per person

The days between Christmas and New Year for getting in the mood for the big night.

4 nights including "Gaumenfreuden" half board
from 27th or 28th December 2018
from € 825,00 per person

A wonderful time-out for people who like surprises!

Minumum stay 2 nights
Sunday to Thursday
from € 275 per person

Kloster Hornbach
Kloster Hornbach

Kloster Hornbach

Do you appreciate individual style in an timeless setting with traditional values? A unique hotel in Germany's Palatinate region.

Kloster Hornbach Hotel

Creativity needs

Welcome to Your Annexe

There are some issues and tasks that require detachment. That need to be considered not only calmly, but also with a fresh approach without reservations. In an environment that ensures confidentiality and encourages creativity.

Lösch für Freunde is not a hotel in the true sense. But more a spacious well-appointed modern house, offering space for discerning groups to work and live together away from the usual well-trodden paths. There are no sterile conference rooms here, no anonymous corridors, no hurly-burly of everyday life or anonymous guests.

You can share Lösch für Freunde with other guests. Or have exclusive use of the entire hotel for your group. So that you can work undisturbed. And feel at home at the same time.

Reach Your Goals Whilst Putting People First

Everyone comes together at regular intervals. Not just to eat or during coffee breaks, but also in plenary sessions and to kick off or wrap up the proceedings. And then the group splits up into teams once again, finding a room, an environment and an ambience where they can put their heads together.

Lösch für Freunde offers everything you need to maximise potential: concentration and relaxation, stimulation and reassurance. Where people retreat from daily life to give daily life new impulses.

Creativity requires detachment. Lösch für Freunde can provide companies with exclusive use of a private venue to explore opportunities and complete strategic groundwork.

Room for Constructive Thoughts

Some hotels rely on standardisation - once you've seen one, you've seen them all. After all, surely it makes sense to avoid unnecessary surprises in strange environments?

At Lösch für Freunde any search for standardisation will be in vain. Here every room has its own character, every space its own ambience. Whether in the secluded vault room, open kitchen-dining room, spacious lounge or quiet library: every space has its own unobtrusive, yet unmistakeable atmosphere that users are inclined to preserve.

What resonates in the communal areas is a standard feature of all guest bedrooms too. Every person is different – every room as well.


What rooms with ambience look like!