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Kloster Hornbach
Kloster Hornbach

Kloster Hornbach

Do you appreciate individual style in an timeless setting with traditional values? A unique hotel in Germany's Palatinate region.

Kloster Hornbach Hotel

Pure Delight
Pure Delight
Sponsor: Peter Matschke
In 3 words: Enjoys the nice things in life, loves to eat, drink and cook, and is known to be picky

„For me, a perfect menu consist of
- a sunny table in a harbor restaurant,
- good friends at the table, like Christiane and Edelbert Loesch,
- fresh fish with bread, butter, salt and lemon,
- and an ample supply of Sauvignon Blanc.“

Pure Delight
Pure Delight

This small suite (37 m²) offers a separate living and sleeping area as well as a "genus bar" filled with delicious delicacies. The bathroom has a bathtub and a shower, which can also be used as a steam bath.

For those who don’t mind a bit of indulgence

For some, there is no better place than the kitchen. The smells, the sounds, the pure craftsmanship of peeling and chopping and stirring and mixing and blending and letting things simmer just a bit longer. These friends won’t walk by a stove without lifting a lid, dipping a spoon. Ask them to taste – they will just love to.

Everything in Loesch for Friends is meant to please, is meant for people who love to enjoy: Peace and quiet, a good book, music, a movie, or simply a cup of fine tea. Many a passing thought can mature into a fascinating idea – if we let them.
Our suite Pure Delight was inspired by friends who don’t mind a bit of indulgence now and then. What could be more exciting than to discover a great new restaurant? How better to explore foreign countries than through the kitchen, with your taste buds? 

  • Including breakfast buffet p.P. from

    € 142,50

  • Including palate delights p.P. from

    € 245,50

Pure Delight