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Come in a group of FIVE and discover the meaning of "savoir vivre"

Minumum stay 2 nights
March to October
from € 418 per person

Escape the everyday with your best friend for weekend? With a welcome drink, a delicious dinner, shopping together, foot massage, popcorn, your favorite movie and many more.

Minumum stay 2 nights
Whenever you like
from € 378 per person (2 nights from Sunday to Thursday)

Our ideas for a cosy warm Christmas this year at 'Lösch für Freunde'.

3 or 4 nights including "Gaumenfreuden" half board
from 23th or 24th December 2018
from € 649 per person

The days between Christmas and New Year for getting in the mood for the big night.

4 nights including "Gaumenfreuden" half board
from 27th or 28th December 2018
from € 825,00 per person

A wonderful time-out for people who like surprises!

Minumum stay 2 nights
Sunday to Thursday
from € 275 per person

Kloster Hornbach
Kloster Hornbach

Kloster Hornbach

Do you appreciate individual style in an timeless setting with traditional values? A unique hotel in Germany's Palatinate region.

Kloster Hornbach Hotel

Sponsor: Tanja Koop
In 3 words: an outdoors person, all or nothing, authentic

„After years of wishing and wanting, after gazillions of excuses and ifs and buts, my sweetheart gave me a loving kick in the butt ... so I finally dared to do what my heart has been telling me all along.“


This small suite (38 m²) has a separate living and sleeping area and a small balcony. The bathroom has a bathtub next to the shower.

Leading me back to myself

Now and then we should treat ourselves to something really precious. Something no money in the world will buy. Unique and irreplaceable, abundant, and yet priceless.

So let us treat ourselves to a bit of leisure. The luxury of free time, just for me, just for us. Allowing us to slow down, to be thoughtful, considerate. Aware and respectful of ourselves and others.
The colors are warm and friendly, the light is soft and mellow. The furnishings are generous, comfortable, inviting. A touch of Asia. Sounds float in the air, letting me drift off, and back, and over and beyond.

An interesting aspiration: To create a room that leads us back to ourselves. But then: Any journey, no matter how long, starts with a single step.

  • Including breakfast buffet p.P. from

    € 130,-

  • Including palate delights p.P. from

    € 209,-