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Come in a group of FIVE and discover the meaning of "savoir vivre"

Minumum stay 2 nights
March to October
from € 418 per person

Escape the everyday with your best friend for weekend? With a welcome drink, a delicious dinner, shopping together, foot massage, popcorn, your favorite movie and many more.

Minumum stay 2 nights
Whenever you like
from € 378 per person (2 nights from Sunday to Thursday)

Our ideas for a cosy warm Christmas this year at 'Lösch für Freunde'.

3 or 4 nights including "Gaumenfreuden" half board
from 23th or 24th December 2018
from € 649 per person

The days between Christmas and New Year for getting in the mood for the big night.

4 nights including "Gaumenfreuden" half board
from 27th or 28th December 2018
from € 825,00 per person

A wonderful time-out for people who like surprises!

Minumum stay 2 nights
Sunday to Thursday
from € 275 per person

Kloster Hornbach
Kloster Hornbach

Kloster Hornbach

Do you appreciate individual style in an timeless setting with traditional values? A unique hotel in Germany's Palatinate region.

Kloster Hornbach Hotel

Land and Sea
Land and Sea
Sponsor: Klaus Dabelstein
In 3 words: peaceful, helpful, reliable

„I was born on the coast, and even as a child I loved ships and the sea. I knew way back then that ships would be my life. Even though I must admit that I am not particularly seaworthy myself.“

Land and Sea
Land and Sea

The double room (33 m²) has a bathroom with shower and tub

Of wind and salt and oceans and sand

And you know right away: The sea can’t be far. This is the place to be when the storm howls outside, when the surf crashes against the pier, when halyards batter the masts and the fishermen say it will be a while before she calms down.
There is this instant association of sun and sand on salty skin, between toes and teeth. Of fried sole with bacon bits and potatoes, down at the harbor. Or of all sorts of toys and inflatable creatures and gaudy towels and castles and towers of sand.

Land and Sea is our little tribute to the weather-beaten beauty of the Nordic coastland. And to a seasoned sailor who helped us create this little suite. Heavy duty planks make for sure footing, and Danish design adds a touch of understated class.

Today, they call it vacation, and if you want, it’s all inclusive. Back then, we just went to the islands and were outside all day, come rain or shine. And after the sun went down it was nice and warm inside.

  • Including breakfast buffet p.P. from

    € 117,50

  • Including palate delights p.P. from

    € 196,50

Land and Sea