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Come in a group of FIVE and discover the meaning of "savoir vivre"

Minumum stay 2 nights
March to October
from € 418 per person

Escape the everyday with your best friend for weekend? With a welcome drink, a delicious dinner, shopping together, foot massage, popcorn, your favorite movie and many more.

Minumum stay 2 nights
Whenever you like
from € 378 per person (2 nights from Sunday to Thursday)

Our ideas for a cosy warm Christmas this year at 'Lösch für Freunde'.

3 or 4 nights including "Gaumenfreuden" half board
from 23th or 24th December 2018
from € 649 per person

The days between Christmas and New Year for getting in the mood for the big night.

4 nights including "Gaumenfreuden" half board
from 27th or 28th December 2018
from € 825,00 per person

A wonderful time-out for people who like surprises!

Minumum stay 2 nights
Sunday to Thursday
from € 275 per person

Kloster Hornbach
Kloster Hornbach

Kloster Hornbach

Do you appreciate individual style in an timeless setting with traditional values? A unique hotel in Germany's Palatinate region.

Kloster Hornbach Hotel

Hunter’s Lodge
Hunter’s Lodge
Sponsor: Lorenz Flierl
In 3 words: cheerfully stubborn connoisseur

„Even as a little boy I was awed by the tremendous scope of the ecosystem we call forest. But then some would say I love the forest simply because trees don’t talk back.“

Hunter’s Lodge
Hunter’s Lodge

The double room (33 m²) has a bathroom with shower and tub.

Almost like a trip to the mountains

There is an other-worldly quality to this little suite. Paneling of aged wood, rustic textures of felt and linen, earthen colors with shades of oak and pine. The artwork, the furniture, the details: Everything signals forests and mountains, shy creatures and rare animals, deep woods and hidden clearings, maybe some fog and most probably dew. And suddenly we can sense the utter quiet, see rays of light breaking through the trees and smell leaves and pine straw. Welcome to our Hunter’s Lodge. Welcome to another world.

This junior suite was created with the help of a real life ranger. Yes, you will find a pair of antlers here, and no, we would not call it kitsch. This little lodge supersedes trends and fashions, is full of character and yet timeless, civilized but somewhat archaic. For just a little while, let me come back to basics, and please spare me with anything remotely digital. Zeitgeist I can have any day. Here, running water is down the hall, and to heat the stove we chop our own – just kidding. But not about the sense of quiet and the smell of leaves ...

  • Including breakfast buffet p.P. from

    € 117,50

  • Including palate delights p.P. from

    € 196,50

Hunter’s Lodge